22 Oct 2019

Clearing the Fog Before Departure

It’s that time of year when you jump in the car and prepare to leave, only for the windows to be misted up.

A quick start turns into an arduous clearing of the windows, a laborious waiting for the fog to clear, with some motorists even hoping the mist clears as they are driving; a dangerous move which can land you in trouble in a number of ways, with vision impaired and the potential for an accident increasing.

According to Halfords, this fog builds when the window temperature is colder than the dew point (the temperature where dew forms). If you have moisture in the air then this will condense on the windows.

How can you avoid the indoor mist?

Avoid bringing moisture in the car in the first place. Coats from the rain, towels from swimming or shoes will all drag in unwanted additional water particles into the vehicle. These then cling on to the windows causing that annoying fog at certain temperatures.

Turning the heaters on will raise the temperature in the car and clear the mist most effectively, but did you know that putting the air conditioning on will also help as it removes the moisture from the air?

Cleaning the windows will help with the initial build-up of condensation as, according to Confused.com, the moisture clings to dirt particles. Using an absorbent cloth will help to combat the problem.

Always use your demister option, if your vehicle has it, to sort the issue before you drive away.

Alternatively, fill a pair of tights with cat litter and leave in your car. This will absorb moisture in the air! Anything else that absorbs moisture in the air is useful for ridding the car of excess particles.

Alternatively, the RAC suggests using shaving foam on your windscreen! Spread the foam over the entire surface then use a clean towel to wipe it off. It will provide a barrier which should help stop the windscreen from misting up.

Does it really matter?

In truth, yes it does. If you set off on your journey with misted up windows, the first hindrance will be the lack of visibility. This can lead to poor judgement when manoeuvring around other vehicles, maintaining knowledge of pedestrian movement and ensuring breaking distances are suitable. For an extra couple of seconds at the start of a journey, it makes sense to take care of the interior of your vehicle.

Credit: Confused.comHalfords and the RAC

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