19 Dec 2023
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Common Winter Mistake Can Leave Drivers Unable to Claim

How many drivers have left their car unattended and running while attempting to de-ice the windscreens?

It’s a far more common trend than many might think, with a recent survey of over 2,000 drivers finding over a quarter (28%) admitted to leaving the engine running while de-icing their vehicle and leaving the vehicle altogether. This was more prevalent in the older age groups.

Leaving themselves vulnerable to not being able to claim their insurance should their vehicle be stolen, it’s not a practice that should be replicated by others.

Typical winter-related driving trends will surface once again as the weather turns distinctly colder, with more snow and ice on the roads in recent days.

Almost half (45%) of the Brits taking the survey said they had driven without ensuring clear visibility out of the windows and on mirrors, an offence under the Highway Code.

Other trends that could cause issues, according to the Aviva survey, included drivers using their car when there is snow on top of it (19%), drivers setting off even though the screen wasn’t clear (15%), and drivers starting a journey even though they knew they were too tired to do so (14%).

Applicable to journeys throughout the year, but particularly in the winter months when the dangers of the conditions become more prevalent and the nights close in, drivers are encouraged to check their vehicle before setting off on a longer journey.

Especially in winter, make sure there’s no residual snow on the roof that may slide off and cause visibility issues, ensure the windows are clear and visibility is assured. Don’t rush the de-icing process and set off when visibility isn’t great; take that extra time and start the trip later if needed.

These are all advisable, with more information on making journeys in winter available from the AA by clicking here.

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