26 Mar 2021

Cycling Trend Continues During Pandemic

The curious trend of cycling in a Covid pandemic lockdown shows no signs of going away, with increasing numbers jumping on their bike.

Statistics released from the Department for Transport from the last 29 days showed the percentage of people cycling, when compared to the first week of March 2020, was higher in over 40% of those days.

There may be lasting legacies thanks to the pandemic, with cycling as a hobby becoming increasingly popular.

Chris Boardman, Greater Manchester’s cycling and walking commissioner, told Wigan Today about a trend being reflected across the country; “It’s fantastic that half of people living in Greater Manchester have said they plan to travel more on foot or by bike post-Covid.

“Many have tried it during lockdown and they’ve decided it’s a daily habit that they want to keep.”

Car traffic remained at roughly 60% when compared to March 2020, despite lockdown restricting travel to essential purposes only such as work, food shopping and medical requirements.

There is expected to be a large increase in road traffic when the stay at home order is rescinded on Monday, with further upward changes as the country eases out of lockdown and more facilities begin to reopen.

Be aware when getting back on the road

For many, driving has become much less of a habit with working from home the norm for millions. When returning to the road, it is important to be wary of your surroundings and ensure plenty of space for those in front and behind.

There may be some driver rustiness among many, with the chances of accidents increasing.

Leave plenty of time

When circumstances allow, you may plan to go places and need to be there for a specific time – many organisations will have definitive time slots for booking. Ensure you leave plenty of time and don’t rush to get there, thus lessening the chances of a bump on the road.

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