2 Oct 2020

Dashcams Prove Their Worth

A third of motorists have used dashcam footage to successfully prove they were not at fault after a road traffic accident.

Popularity around the use of dashcams has soared in recent years, with an estimated three million drivers in the UK owning a camera for such purposes.

A survey of 2,000 licence holders by Money Expert, as quoted by This is Money, found that 33% had captured an incident on the road and submitted this evidence to prove their innocence.

Around 10,000 examples of dangerous driving were submitted to a police database over the last two years, with half triggering police action, showing the usefulness and beneficial aspects of having a dashcam on board.

Dashcam footage can support a potential claim for personal injury compensation, should you be involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault.

Footage can provide vital evidence that identifies liability and improves your chances of claiming compensation for any injuries and/or vehicle damage sustained as a result of the accident.

To find out more about making a personal injury compensation claim, click here to be taken to our dedicated page.

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