23 Nov 2018

Debunking Driving Myths

There are hundreds of rules of the road which you have been told by a family member or friends which you don’t quite believe; things like 'it’s illegal to eat and drive' or 'you can’t wear headphones behind the wheel'. As part of Road Safety Week, we thought it was high time we offered some explanations to these common motoring myths:

The Youngest Drivers are the Worst Drivers

This isn’t true! A study by Insurethebox found that 17 year-olds who pass their test tend to drive at slower speeds. It is when they turn 18, or a few years after they pass their test, that bad habits set in and they seem to increase the speed at which they drive. So there you have it, not all young drivers can be tarnished with the same brush.

It is Illegal to Drive While Eating Food

This is also a myth of the road, as there is no specific law stating you cannot eat while driving a vehicle. Although it is discouraged by the authorities, you are allowed to eat behind the wheel unless it is noticeably affecting your driving to the point where the police get involved. It must be stressed though, it is far from advisable as for some it can reduce the care and attention they pay to the road.

Women are Better Drivers than Men

This one is true, and there are statistics to prove it. The figures, also provided by Insurethebox, show that women drive more carefully, slower, and are involved in fewer accidents than their male counterparts. Guess that settles the timeless debate which has raged over the years.

You Cannot Wear Headphones While Driving

There is nothing in the law which actually stops you from using headphones while driving.  Although it is allowed, however, driving with headphones isn’t recommended. Put simply, using headphones can distract you and stop you maintaining a grasp of your surroundings. Not being able to hear other road users, changes in road surface, or even the sounds of your own car can increase the potential for an accident on the road.

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