17 May 2022

Diesel Prices Set New Record

The price of diesel shot up to record levels as the pressure on driver finances increased even further.

With a cost of living crisis currently dominating national news coverage, petrol prices had dropped off from record levels in March when the war in Ukraine started.

But they tipped £1.80 a litre most recently, with a national average of £1.66 a litre with the RAC warning of further price rises if EU members agreed to ban Russian oil.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Efforts to move away from importing Russian diesel have led to a tightening of supply and pushed up the price retailers pay for diesel.

“Unfortunately, drivers with diesel vehicles need to brace themselves for yet more pain at the pumps.”

Drivers are actively being encouraged to take up electric or hybrid options for vehicles as the government pushes to achieve its green targets.

This latest surge in diesel prices, with more expected on the horizon, may further enhance the desirability of electric vehicles that are already growing in popularity.

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