21 Jan 2019

Don't Get Caught Out by the Less Common Road Rules

When you set off on your journey, you're expected to know the rules of the road and what’s right and wrong.

So you know about the regulations surrounding snow on your car? Or the correct position for your Sat-Nav? We’ve got a list of the more bizarre and unknown rulings of the road.

Snow on the roof can lead to trouble

It isn’t a legal requirement to clear your car of snow, but if it blocks your view you could be charged with driving without due consideration or driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition. First thing in the morning, as you prepare your car, make sure to sweep off the covering on the top of your car so it doesn’t slide down as the vehicle begins to warm up.

Where should your Sat-Nav go?

The law allows you to use a Sat-Nav when you’re driving, despite it being a possible distraction on the road. However, the position and security of the device is vital; if it blocks your full view of the road then you could be subject to a fine and/or points. If it is not securely held in a holder then you could also be charged by the authorities.

Can you warn other drivers of temporary speed cameras?

You may be thinking you are doing a good deed by warning advancing drivers of the speed camera up ahead, but it can be classed as obstructing the police and stopping them from doing their job. If you do this, you could end up with a £1000 fine.

When can I toot my horn?

Although you can toot your horn in a time of danger to warn another driver, you are not allowed to use it when in stationary traffic or on a road with street lights and a 30mph limit between 11.30pm and 7am.

Source: OSV Ltd and whatcar.com

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