25 Aug 2020

Driverless Vehicles Edge Closer

Driverless vehicles could be on our roads as early as next Spring, it has been recently announced.

Certain automated technology is being consulted on by government, with the intention of allowing its deployment in certain circumstances up to 70 mph.

Although not a total step into the driverless vehicle future, it is very much a step in that direction with the utilisation of Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS).

This technology controls a car’s movements but drivers must be ready to intervene immediately.

Despite only being at the consultation stage, the Department for Transport is sounding out industry experts to see how to safely implement the technology, with the end date of this stage being 27th October.

Currently, ALKS technology has approval from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe at speeds of up to 37mph. Many companies are working on creating totally autonomous vehicles, with trials across the globe already underway.

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