22 Nov 2021

Drivers to Receive Ban for Hand-held Device Usage

Drivers are set to receive a ban for using hand-held devices while driving in a move designed to toughen road safety laws.

Currently, it is against the law to call or text while driving. But from 2022, you cannot take photos or play games on a hand-held device, with offenders subject to a £200 fine and six points on their licence.

As it stands, police charge drivers with dangerous driving but the Highway Code will be updated to make it clear that it’s illegal to use a mobile while stationary at traffic lights or in motorway queues.

Grant Schapps, Transport Secretary, said; “While our roads remain among the safest in the world, we will continue working tirelessly to make them safer, including through our award-winning THINK! Campaign, which challenges social norms among high-risk drivers.

“Too many deaths and injuries occur whilst mobile phones are being held. We are ensuring the law is brought into the 21st Century while further protecting all road users.”

President of the AA, Edmund King, was in favour of the latest strengthening of the legal road rules. He said; “By making mobile phone use as socially unacceptable as drink-driving, we are taking big steps to make our roads safer.

“For years, the AA has campaigned hard and helped educate drivers to the dangers from bad mobile phone use.”

It will still be legal to use a hand-held device if the driver is making a contactless payment using their phone while stationary, for example if paying for a drive-through food order or road toll barrier via a card reader.

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