10 May 2021

Drop in Personal Injury Claims in 2020

Last year saw a significant reduction in the number of personal injury claims, according to statistics obtained from the Government’s Compensation Recovery Unit (GCRU).

The total number of claims fell from 843,000 to around 445,000; a drop of nearly 50% on all types of personal injury claims.

What do the stats say?

Statistics gathered by the Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO), as part of a freedom of information request, show car accident claims fell to 356,000 in total, while employer liability claims dropped 60%.

Why has there been a big drop?

The impact of Covid-19, and associated lockdowns, has limited the volumes of traffic on UK roads over the last 12 months. As lockdowns have eased, so traffic numbers rose and vice versa when lockdowns were tightened.

A work from home order has also contributed to a massive reduction in traffic, particularly around rush hours, as well as the number of people out and about, including in public places and the workplace. 

What’s the future for personal injury claims?

From May 31st, new whiplash reforms will come into force which effectively limit the amount of compensation you can claim following a non-fault road traffic accident, and will raise the small claims limit for those claims to £5,000. There are exceptions to these new regulations, however, they are set to have a big impact on personal injury claims. 

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