20 Apr 2021

Electric and Hybrid Car Sales Surge to Record Levels

UK electric and hybrid car sales have surged to record levels in March, according to latest figures released.

The whole market share of electric or hybrid sales has risen by 6.6% to 13.9% to highlight the increasing popularity of ‘greener’ vehicles.

The Government has galvanised this push by bringing forward a deadline to stop the selling of new petrol or diesel options to 2030, while unveiling a Ten Point Plan which sets ambitious electric vehicle-related targets and an investment of £1.3bn over four years.

Not only has this resulted in massive changes in the motor industry, but among people’s choices as they weigh up whether to buy a more environmentally friendly vehicle now or opt for the more traditional versions ahead of the deadline.

The preliminary data released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows 22,000 electric vehicle sales, as well as a further 17,000 sales of hybrid versions.

Potentially detracting from any switch is the lack of sufficient charging points, which was reported back in February as needing a five-fold increase over the next decade, from the current rate of 7,000 installations per year, to accommodate the predicted future volume of electric vehicles which will need to use charging points across the UK.

Price too has been mentioned as a stumbling block for people committing to going electric, but that hasn’t been an issue in China, where a much cheaper version – the Hong Guang Mini EV – is outselling the previously more popular, and widely recognised, upmarket Teslas.

Costing £3,200, it is a more affordable option for the masses, something which will be a big factor in uptake here in the UK as well. Whichever car maker strikes the right note in this respect will be the one to enjoy most success prior to the deadline, and beyond.

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