21 Sep 2020

Ways to Get the Best Car Insurance Deal

Millions of drivers each year search for cheaper car insurance.

Using search comparison sites, contacting their current provider and seeking good, and bad, reviews, drivers attempt to get the best, and cheapest, deal possible for their circumstances.

But an article produced by yourmoney.com has highlighted ways to ensure the best value from a new insurance policy.

1. Make sure you’ve picked the correct job title

Often, there is a long list of job titles when inputting your details into a search for car insurance. By ensuring you pick the correct title, a driver can save as much as £103; a bricklayer could pay this much more compared to choosing ‘builder’ as a job title.

However, it is important to provide correct and accurate details, to the best of your knowledge, as any untrue statements and choices may invalidate your insurance cover.

2. Is your mileage accurate?

For many, the mileage stated to cover annual journeys is often higher than the actual distance driven in the year. By overstating this to the tune of 2,000 miles, a driver could be spending £67 more than needed.

3. Sort your renewal early

By avoiding a last-gasp dash to arrange a renewal, there could be a saving to be had as money.co.uk has found a 19% saving for advanced re-insurers compared to those who leave it to the last minute.

4. If possible, buy annually

When you are ready to pay and complete the process of purchasing your policy, you should be offered a number of payment options including paying monthly or with one annual amount. The latter can provide a tangible saving as opposed to stretching it out over 12 months so, if possible, the annual payment is the most cost-effective choice.

Use an online insurance calculator to find out how much you could save on your current premium.

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