7 Sep 2022

Heroic Effort Avoids Potential Serious Incident

The actions of a quick-thinking motorist ensured a fellow driver wasn’t part of a potentially serious incident on the M62 last week.

After a driver suffered a seizure at the wheel of his Audi, in the fast lane of the motorway, John Barlow noticed the reduced speed of the vehicle, drifting at 30mph, and pulled up alongside it.

Spotting the driver slumped at the wheel and with blood trickling down their face, Barlow pulled his car in front of the Audi before taking his foot off the accelerator and bringing both cars to a stop.

Other drivers stopped at the scene to assist, bringing the four-lane carriageway to a standstill. A physio and off-duty police officer took over first aid after concerned motorists broke into the Audi to assist the stricken driver.

A doctor, spotting the incident on the opposite side of the carriageway, then made his way to the scene to help.

Barlow told the BBC: “He looked dead at the wheel. I could see his lips were blue and he had blood trickling down his face.

“Everyone was amazing, it was a real team effort. They got the man on the floor, then the doctor jumped in as well.”

The injured driver, a man in his 70s, received medical attention and was well enough to go home.

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