1 Jul 2019

How to Avoid Wasting Fuel

When it comes to driving and saving money, a few pounds could be recovered in a way many may not have thought of; avoiding wasting fuel unnecessarily. Here are a few ideas which could help to conserve fuel:

1 Avoid braking and accelerating sharply

Braking and accelerating sharply can waste fuel, so consider (as should be done anyway) a sensible, cautious approach to driving which avoids the need for sharp braking. A more consistent approach to your speed will also help to lessen fuel consumption. Anticipating problems up ahead can help you avoid sudden, and sharp, braking and changes of speed.

2 Don’t fill your vehicle with unnecessary things

Increasing the weight of your car with additional items can lead to greater fuel consumption. Try to avoid taking unnecessary luggage on trips as they will add to the weight of the vehicle and cost you more in fuel. Take a regular glance at what is in your boot and see what you could do without.

3 Ensure tyres are correctly inflated

One of the more common ways to waste fuel is on under-inflated tyres. Keeping your tyres at their correct inflation is vital for many reasons, one of which being to avoid increased fuel consumption. Don’t forget to check every couple of weeks to ensure they remain in optimum condition.

4 Avoid idling

A trend being slowly chipped away at by the introduction of vehicles which automatically turn off when stationary is the issue of idling. Leaving a car running while stationary wastes fuel when the simplest thing to do is simply switch off the engine. Some schools are introducing no-idling areas around their entrances in an effort to curb the behaviour; if you’ve stopped, switch it off.

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