19 Jun 2020

Lockdown Vehicle Checklist

Increasing numbers of vehicles are returning to roads as lockdown measures ease across the UK.

Restrictions on where you can exercise have been eased, with the general advice still encouraging people to stay at home as much as possible, but with fewer regulations, if you decide to get in the car and travel, and more options available in terms of the destination.

For many, that could mean starting their vehicle for the first time in months, with many not needing to commute to work every day.

An idle car can create problems when first getting behind the wheel. Make sure to check the following:

Brake pads

When you’ve been away on holiday in the past, you may have found the brakes to be a little sluggish upon your return. Inactive, and damp, brake pads can develop rust. Usually, getting the car out for a spin would prevent this. But with an extended lack of activity, that’s not possible. If that occurs after a holiday, imagine what it could be like after a few months of lockdown.

Be careful when first taking your vehicle out and if you are in any way concerned by your brakes then get them checked immediately by a mechanic.


The battery of your car can be drained over time by minor electrical systems – like the car clock for example – using it while switched off. Hopefully, the car will start the first time. If not, that might be the reason.

Tyre pressure

It is always important before any long journey to check tyre pressure and adjust accordingly, both from a safety perspective and also in terms of saving on wasted fuel. If you had a previously unknown slow puncture, by now it will have left the tyre totally flat so it’s important not to assume your car is immediately roadworthy.

Check the fluids

Checking the oil level and topping up the windscreen wash is always good practice before any long journey. After an extended period out of the car, it is equally important as you may have forgotten how you left the vehicle all those weeks ago. With the warm weather bringing flies and other insects out, it is vital to have plenty of windscreen wash available thus ensuring good vision of the road ahead.

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