12 Jan 2021

Lockdown Saw More Drivers Speeding

Despite vastly reduced traffic levels and far fewer drivers on the road, statistics have shown more of us were caught speeding on UK roads during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

Logic would suggest the opposite effect would be caused as people were instructed to stay at home and leave only for critical reasons as the pandemic took hold and brought the world to a standstill.

However, the Department for Transport figures paint a very different picture.

Lockdown speeding trend

Data compared between April and June 2020 and 2019 has shown varying levels of people caught speeding, depending on the type of road and the speed limit applied to those roads. For example, whereas free-flowing motorways showed only a 1% shift, the story is different on 30mph stretches of road with a 7% increase in motorists caught going over the limit. It was the same level of rise as on single carriageway 60mph roads.

Interestingly, as road traffic levels reverted back to something like normal, with lockdown restrictions easing, so did the levels of speeding.

Which days and times had the most speeding motorists?

Sunday was the most popular day for speed limits to be broken during the lockdown period between April and June 2020, with 65% going faster on single carriageway stretches of road.

The data has even dug down to the times in which motorists were caught going faster than they should; on motorways, most were caught at 7pm (57%) while on single carriageway stretches the most popular time was 4am (34%). In 30mph zones, 83% of motorists broke the limit at 5am.

The importance of road safety

Driving safely and within the speed limits is of paramount importance when considering a vehicle is, in essence, a weapon which can cause death and serious injury.

Speed is a major factor in road traffic accidents and the subsequent injury and/or damage caused. The slower a person is going at the point of impact, the lesser the extent of the damage and injury caused.

Speed limits are applied to roads by taking into account a number of variables which help guide decision-makers to the appropriate speed allowed on any one road. By following these road instructions, as stipulated by law, you are helping to keep yourself and others safe while navigating roads or, in the case of pedestrians, walking alongside or crossing them.

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