28 Dec 2018

MOT and the Grace Period Myth

One of the annual traditions involved with your car is arranging an MOT. This garage check is vital to ensuring your vehicle remains roadworthy.

However, despite its importance, a regular issue with drivers focuses on remembering to get their car checked before the current MOT expires. Many sit safe in the knowledge that there is a grace period for booking the test. But are they right?

Is there a grace period for conducting an MOT?

In a word, no. You should not, and cannot, have your vehicle on the road if it has no valid MOT. If your current MOT has expired, your insurance will be invalid and you can be prosecuted by police, who could fine you a four-figure sum if you’re caught without an MOT.

What if I was on my way to my MOT appointment?

This is possibly the only way you could avoid a fine and penalty points on your licence for not holding a valid MOT. You may well need proof of the appointment to be sure, but there are no other reasons for not holding a valid MOT.

How can I avoid a rush to get my vehicle booked in?

The best way to ensure your car is seen in time before the current MOT expires is to book an appointment with a garage well in advance of the renewal date. You can get your car in for an MOT as early as one month before it expires, giving you plenty of time to get the vehicle assessed and fixed before the current MOT lapses.

What will change with MOT’s in 2019?

If your car goes in for an MOT and a fault is detected, the fault is placed in one of four categories; dangerous, major, minor and advisory. The sliding scale is clear in this respect; if your vehicle has a minor defect, it can still pass but the issue will be recorded and the driver will be instructed to have it repaired. However, if a dangerous fault is detected, then the vehicle will fail its MOT and will be deemed unroadworthy.

According to the Mirror, a survey revealed that 49% of drivers questioned by the RAC mistakenly believed vehicles found to have a minor fault would fail their test. Make sure you’re clued up on the MOT process by clicking on this link to find out what is actually tested in your car or motorcycle. Click here to find out if your vehicle is due an MOT soon. 

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