27 Jul 2020

Reminder: Six-Month MOT Extension Coming to an End

Drivers are being reminded that the six-month MOT extension comes to an end next week, on August 1st, with any MOT that is due on or after that date no longer being automatically extended.

Any MOT that falls due before August 1st will still be eligible for the six-month extension.

Many motorists have taken advantage of the extension offered during lockdown while many garages were closed, but as measures put in place in March start to ease and traffic steadily rises towards pre-lockdown levels, it is essential that drivers ensure their vehicle is roadworthy before taking to the roads.

The penalties for driving without a valid MOT include a fine of up to £1,000, which can be increased up to £2,500, and you can be given three points on your license or a possible driving ban if your vehicle is found to be dangerous.

Winns would like to stress the importance of ensuring that your vehicle is roadworthy and ultimately safe to be on the roads before getting behind the wheel.

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