28 Aug 2020

National Road Victim Month

August marks National Road Victim month across the UK.

The aim of the campaign is to remember those who passed away or have been injured as a result of a road traffic accident. Its focus is on highlighting the issues which continue to affect many people on our roads and encourage the reduction of danger.

To cap off the awareness-raising campaign, there will be an online remembrance service, organised by Road Peace, for those who have been affected by road crashes on Monday, 31st August.

The organisers used Pauline Fielding’s story as an example of what challenges are faced as a result of a road traffic accident death.

“My son Andrew was killed in a road crash, caused by a driver who did not stop and who was never traced,” she said.

“Since that day, 26 years ago, I have been fighting for justice for him and to reduce dangers on the road where he died.

“The day Andrew died changed my life and that of so many others.”

Why is National Road Victim Month in August?

The campaign has been designated for August in memory of Princess Diana, who was killed in a road traffic accident in this month 23 years ago.

August also marks the first road death in Britain, when Bridget Driscoll was hit by a car in London 124 years ago. Poignantly, the coroner at the time announced that “this must never happen again.”

Since then over half a million people have been killed in crashes in Britain.

The perils of August on the road

The month of August is a historically dangerous month for road usage across the various groups of users.

Traditionally, Covid-19 pandemic aside, there are more people out and about due to the summer holidays, as workers take time off for childcare with schools closed for six weeks.

The improved weather encourages cyclists and motorbike enthusiasts to get out on the open road and increasing numbers of pedestrians – children included – venture out too for the same reason.

All of these groups being out in force makes for an increased chance of accidents occurring.

What should you do if you’re injured in a road traffic accident?

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and sustained an injury, first and foremost you should contact the emergency services if it is safe to do so.

Ideally, this should be done from a safe place, away from the incident, however that option may not be available if you have suffered an injury which limits your movement.

If you are able to do so, get as much information from the scene as possible, including the other driver’s details (name, car registration and insurance details), the road layout, weather conditions and your version of events.

Photos of the scene, as well as obtaining contact details from witnesses who would be willing to provide a statement, would also support any road traffic accident claim you may seek to make in the aftermath of the crash.

Then you need to call Winn Solicitors, before your insurer, and we’ll take care of:

  • The recovery and repair of your vehicle
  • The delivery of a credit hire vehicle for your use while your vehicle is off the road
  • The help and support you need to conduct a personal injury claim, should you have suffered injury in a non-fault accident, including pursuing any out of pocket expenses resulting from the accident
  • The arrangement of relevant treatments for said injuries

To find out more information about what to do following a road traffic accident, click here.

Our dedicated and experienced team will arrange all aspects of your road traffic accident claim and help get you back on the road within four working hours of instruction.

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