8 Oct 2020

Parents Call for Safer Roads Around Schools

Nearly two-thirds of parents with children at school want safer crossings near schools.

A recent survey by YouGov, commissioned by Living Streets, found 60% of those questioned wanted safer crossing spots, while 53% supported 20mph speed limits close to school buildings.

Half of respondents wanted to go even further and introduce car-free zones outside of schools.

As school runs become increasingly busy with traffic – one in four vehicles on the road during peak times are involved in a school run – the call for action comes in the middle of Living Streets’ Walk to School Week, which encourages youngsters to take a greener commute.

Winn Solicitors is supporting this effort by sponsoring the inclusion of Byker-based primary school St Lawrence’s. With a set of activities to be conducted in school next week, the positive aspects of walking to school will be made clear.

Reducing congestion on roads is one, but more importantly it can improve fitness among children - just 53% of primary school-aged children walked to school as of 2016 - as well as improve mental wellbeing and also air pollution levels around school grounds.

As part of their call to action, Living Streets wants better managed and regulated car usage around school grounds, with a study by the charity finding that 35% were put off walking to school by unsafe parking of other adults, while 30% thought traffic overcrowding was an issue. A total of 60% said traffic speed was a deterrent.

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