12 Dec 2019

Plan Your Journey for a Merry Christmas

Are you planning on a Christmas getaway in the car this festive season?

A poll conducted by the AA in 2018 found that almost 19 million drivers would be on the road during the Friday before Christmas, which is often dubbed ‘Frantic Friday’.

With such an influx of road users, comes the inevitable potential for chaos. But the secret to avoiding this stress is simple; be prepared. Here, we offer you some of our favourite tips and bits of advice to enjoy a festive journey with minimal stress.

Pre-journey check

It is important to check the forecast ahead of your journey in case the inclement weather is set to cause problems. It’s not a far-fetched idea to expect snow over the festive period, which is great to enjoy but an additional difficulty when travelling by car.

Once the weather is checked, you should plan your journey to avoid any roadworks which will add extra time. Then there is the all-important vehicle check, with the Mirror offering a useful list of checkpoints, including:

  • Checking anti-freeze levels
  • Checking you have de-icer and ice scrapers in the vehicle
  • Cleaning your lights and ensuring they’re working properly (especially with the dark nights happening earlier in the day compared with other seasons)
  • Topping up the oil levels and windscreen washer fluid
  • Checking the brakes

When de-icing your car, try to avoid leaving the car with the engine running. Get in and take five minutes to multi-task.

Careful and considerate driving style

Something that should be encouraged in any conditions, being a careful and considerate driver during wintry weather is particularly essential. Maintain safe distances, allowing for uncertain road conditions like ice, snow and wet tarmac. Be wary of your surroundings and focus on the situation ahead as it unfolds.

Packing an emergency winter kit

With the possibility of breakdown proving perhaps more likely during trickier driving conditions, it is essential to pack the correct things to help should a situation arise. These, according to the Express, include:

  • Small shovel
  • Towrope
  • Food and drink supplies
  • Phone charger
  • Spare clothes
  • Blanket


Whatever the destination, however far away, it’s essential to be prepared for the winter months.



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