4 Sep 2020
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Public Not Ready for Electric Jump

The future of the motor industry is electric, but public perception needs nudging in the same direction according to the latest studies.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) conducted a poll with the results showing more than half of those who took part were concerned by the premium paid for electric cars, which are more expensive than petrol or diesel vehicles.

The Guardian quotes a near triple rise in sales of new battery-electric cars, to 39,000, in the year to July. But demand has slowed of late.

The study revealed that many didn’t feel ready to make the switch by 2035, despite the government considering bringing the ban on new sales of petrol/diesel forward to 2032.

 A lack of charging points and the need for a stronger infrastructure is required to convince motorists to commit to an electric vehicle purchase.

Major carmakers are investing billions into green technology on the roads, with Nissan dealers starting to utilise green number plates to identify electric cars, helping councils to implement incentive schemes like cheaper parking and free entry to zero-emission zones.

Edmund King, AA president, quoted on thisismoney.co.uk, said: “The automotive world is going through a radical transition with more change likely in the next decade than in the last hundred years.

“We need to help drivers overcome perceived myths about EVs and charging.”

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