4 Jul 2022

Reduction in Road Deaths in 2021

The impact of Covid-related lockdown restrictions has been linked to a reduction in road deaths in 2021, according to statistics released by the Department for Transport.

The nationwide lockdowns that came at the peak of the pandemic resulted in a considerable reduction in road traffic levels, which in turn saw a 12% drop in people killed in accidents on the road in comparison to the average between 2017 and 2019.

The loss of an estimated 1,560 people on UK roads is a tragedy but marks an improvement on recent yearly tallies.

Which group saw the biggest reduction in fatalities?

There was a drop of a fifth in the number of fatalities involving cyclists in the year 2021, with 113 deaths recorded; a reduction of 20% in comparison to previous years. This is a promising start to a recent publicity campaign designed to promote the safety of cyclists using UK roads.

The introduction of the Dutch Reach – a method of opening a car door from the driver’s seat with the hand furthest from the door that encourages individuals to look over their shoulder and spot oncoming cyclists – and promotion of a cyclist’s right to use the middle of the lane to reduce accidents, are high up on the Highway Code agenda modifications recently announced.

Most fatalities, by road user group, in 2021

Public transport was comfortably the safest form of travel on the road, with five fatalities in 2021 in comparison to 686 car occupant deaths. Pedestrians were second highest in the fatality list with 364, while 299 motorcyclists lost their lives on the road.

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