16 Apr 2021

Changes to Road Traffic Accident Claims Process

The way people can make a road traffic accident claim is going to change from May 31st, when the Whiplash Reforms will come into force.

These changes to law, part of the Civil Liability Act 2018, will have an impact on how people can process claims and how much they may be eligible for in terms of personal injury compensation.

What are the reforms?

The reforms are an effort to reduce the number of personal injury compensation claims made following a road traffic accident and limit the amount available in terms of compensation.

These changes focus mainly on claims which total under £5,000. If that is the case, then the claimant must use a newly-created online claims portal, set up between the Ministry of Justice and Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

Why are the Whiplash Reforms being introduced?

The general theme being suggested by those who are introducing the reforms is that they want to reduce the cost of insurance premiums for motorists, as they believe the cost is driven up by fraudulent claims.

Their theory is that if the amount of road traffic accident claims reduce, then the lower an insurance premium will be. However, MASS (Motor Accident Solicitors Society) believes these reforms may act to restrict access to justice as levels of compensation for injury will be reduced significantly under these reforms.

What do I have to do?

If you are making your claim before the Whiplash Reforms come into effect then nothing will change in terms of how to do it and who to do it with. You can still use Winns to handle your claim, regardless of potential value, if you submit that claim before May 31st.

After that point, if the value of your personal injury claim is below £5,000, then it will have to be submitted through the new online claims portal; however one of our experienced file handlers can help to assess your claim and assist with submitting it on your behalf. By contacting the team, we can offer advice and guidance on how to progress your claim utilising our expertise and experience.

Winns can help in many non-fault accident types, including road trafficwork-based accidents, accidents in public places and those that cause serious injury.

Speak to our team by calling our 24/7 claim-line, or use our Live Chat service. Alternatively, request a callback at a time to suit you.

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