12 Mar 2021

Make Your Road Traffic Accident Claim in Newcastle with Winn Solicitors

When making a road traffic accident claim in Newcastle, you need a dedicated team of expert advisors who can provide the support and resources you need when you need it most.

The team at Winn Solicitors has extensive experience in personal injury claims following a road traffic accident and will help you with significant resources and knowledge to get the best outcome available.

What is a road traffic accident claim?

road traffic accident claim involves the pursuit of compensation following a collision between vehicles on any kind of road. The resulting impact – injury, vehicle damage and loss of earnings and/or out of pocket expenses – can be compensated for as long as the accident was the result of third-party negligence.

What makes Winn Solicitors the best road traffic accident solicitors in Newcastle?

Winn Solicitors has been helping thousands of people with car accident claims in Newcastle for decades, successfully managing the logistics and legal processes to ensure a positive outcome. Our ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to claims management puts us at the forefront of the industry, with our team making the process easier to navigate and providing better support to our clients.

By choosing Winn Solicitors to handle your road traffic accident claim in Newcastle, you get:

  • Legal expertise to rely on and help manage your claim
  • Swift access to medical treatment from specialists in their field
  • Recovery, storage, and repair of your damaged vehicle
  • A replacement vehicle within four working hours of instruction.

Winns of Newcastle could not [have] been any more helpful. It was nice to be able to hand over our problems and know that we are well looked after while both me and my husband recuperate from the car accident we were involved in. Super friendly and polite.

Mrs Metcalfe

What is the road traffic accident claims process?

The process of a claim begins with the initial call you make to Winn Solicitors. Our team will immediately set about working with you to gain the appropriate and relevant evidence needed to provide the strongest possible argument for compensation following a non-fault accident.

Then, our team will put in place everything you need to recover from the accident; medical treatment to physically recover, a replacement vehicle to get you back on the road and legal expertise to keep your claim moving along the timeline.

Once the exact timeline of the accident is established, and the extent of the fall-out is clear, your file handler will calculate how much compensation you could be eligible for and proceed to negotiate with the third-party insurer. With liability established, an agreement should be reached.

If this doesn’t happen, Winns will take your claim to court, employing experts in the field to push for a positive outcome.

Once a final decision is made, the compensation agreed will be transferred to you and the claim will be complete.

I spoke to a young woman named Emma, who was very helpful and friendly on the phone. [She] was very kind and answered any queries I was not sure about. The physio rang me within a few hours and has referred me to one of my local GPs. Hope all goes well in my claim as it was a hit and run and also like the fact that they’re based in Newcastle as I am from South Shields.

Jade McQueen

How much compensation can you claim in Newcastle?

The amount of compensation available is dependent entirely on the circumstances and severity of the accident, and the impact it has on the on-going day-to-day life of those affected.

It is important to discuss with our team your circumstances, the extent of damage caused, and the nature of your injuries and potential life-changing consequences because of the accident.

The need for specialist treatment and home alterations to accommodate injuries could also factor into how much compensation could be awarded.

Winn Solicitors have really been there for me. I had a car accident and this was my first ever accident so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve been helped every step of the way; extremely recommend!

Sam Steggles

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How long does a car accident claim take?

The timescale for a car accident claim is reliant upon a number of factors; the complexity of the case and the number of external agencies involved as a result. For example, there will be a need to wait for medical reports from experts following assessment of injuries and then there is the need to follow the timetable of the courts as well.

If you are considering making a claim, it is best to contact Winns and speak to an expert advisor who can provide further guidance and tailored advice to your specific situation.

There are many ways you can get in touch; call our 24/7 new claim line to chat with a member of the team, or request a call-back through our website. Alternatively, start a Live Chat with one of our advisors. We’re here and ready to help.

How can I pay for my road traffic accident claim?

You need not worry about how to pay for your road traffic accident claim should you decide to choose Winns to handle your claim; working on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, there will be no upfront costs to pay and Winns will only take payment for our service should a claim reach a successful conclusion.

Then, a 25% deduction will be taken from the personal injury compensation amount. If your claim ends unsuccessfully, but you have acted honestly and co-operated fully throughout, then you won’t pay anything.

For more information about claiming compensation after an accident, click here to be taken to the Government website’s dedicated page.

Spoke to Alex Hall after a car accident; he knew his stuff and my car was taken away and hire car dropped off within hours. Fast and efficient service.


Ready to begin a claim following an accident that wasn’t your fault? Contact Winns today and rely on the expertise and reassurance our team can provide.

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