16 Mar 2021

How to Make a Road Traffic Accident Claim in the North East

When seeking help and support during the process of making a road traffic accident claim in the North East, Winn Solicitors should be your first call.

We are an experienced, hard-working and dedicated legal team who specialise in car accident claims in the North East, and beyond.

What is a road traffic accident (RTA) claim?

A road traffic accident claim involves the pursuit of personal injury compensation and other associated costs relating to the fall-out and impact on a person after a non-fault vehicle accident.

Most commonly, the term relates to a collision between two vehicles, but can include any type of vehicle on the road and any severity; from a low-velocity bump through to an accident that results in life-changing or life-ending injuries.

What makes Winn Solicitors the best road traffic accident solicitors in the North East?

The team at Winn Solicitors has extensive experience in dealing with road traffic accident claims, helping thousands of clients to achieve a successful outcome.

Utilising a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to claims management, we offer a number of services which are available immediately to the client based on the needs of the individual following an accident. This can include:

  • Treatment of injuries sustained in the accident
  • Vehicle recovery, repair, and replacement
  • Legal advice and guidance relating to a personal injury claim for compensation
  • A dedicated team on hand to co-ordinate all aspects of a claim so you can focus on getting your life back to a sense of normality.

What is the RTA claims process?

The purpose of the RTA claims process is to recover compensation which may be due to a victim of an accident that wasn’t their fault. If they have suffered injury, had their vehicle damaged and/or suffered financially as result of time off work or other related out of pocket expenses, then a claim may be submitted for compensation from the at-fault party.

Called Winn Solicitors after I was involved in a road traffic accident, spoke with Lewis who was very helpful and made the process simple to understand. [He] took care and explained the process and what I will be receiving via email and post. These guys are very professional and make sure that your claim is easy to understand, and what is required from yourself, and have good patience as my phone signal was having a poor day. Just like to thank Lewis for his work to get my claim sorted.

Mr A Smith

When making a road traffic accident claim in the North East, how much can you claim?

The amount of compensation available for a road traffic accident claim in the North East is not a generic set of monetary totals, and often depends on a number of factors.

The severity of the accident, the nature of the injuries sustained, and the resulting financial impact on a person’s day-to-day life must all be taken into consideration, as will the medical treatment requirements of the client. How extensive the latter is will dictate the level of compensation a client could be entitled to.

My claim related to myself receiving multiple traumatic injuries following a road traffic accident. From the moment my wife contacted Winn Solicitors (because I couldn't) their approach was very professional. I was led through the impending process at our initial meeting and this was exactly how it panned out. I was kept up to date at very regular intervals and my contact, who was at director level, was always available by phone or email for any queries. My claim was concluded to my satisfaction and I would definitely recommend them to any unlucky person who finds themselves in a similar situation to mine.

Mark Gavaghan

How long does a car accident claim take?

There is no definitive timescale, primarily because a number of factors can speed up or hinder the process as a whole.

The amount and availability of evidence early in the claim will impact progress made at this stage, while any requirement for third-party input – either a medical professional’s expert reporting and/or the other side’s insurance company – is outside of our control and can slow down the claims process.

There is also the need to consider timescales of the court, which can also slow progression.

But rest assured, the team at Winns will do everything in our power to ensure the speediest resolution to a claim.

Winn Solicitors were extremely helpful when I contacted them regarding a road traffic accident. Stephen Clementson, who dealt with my telephone call, was extremely professional and supportive; would highly recommend.


How can I pay for my RTA claim?

Winn Solicitors offers a ‘no win, no fee’ option for funding a claim, whereby the client pays no upfront costs and Winns receive payment for our services only if the claim has a successful outcome. As long as you are honest and co-operate throughout the duration of the claim, then there will be no additional charges for our service.

If the claim ends positively, Winns will take 25% of the personal injury compensation as payment for our services.

For more information about compensation after an accident, click here to be taken to the Government’s dedicated page. 

I was recommended to use this service and I’m so pleased that I did. Effortless and all dealt with by Kelly Fraser - she guided me through the system even when it was obvious that I hadn’t obtained all the information correctly (never having ever done it before). Initial call answered promptly, and it went on from there!

Mrs O

If you are looking to start a car accident claim in the North East following a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, contact the team at Winns now via our 24-hour claim line, or request a call back on our website. Alternatively, discuss your circumstances with our Live Chat team.

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