3 Apr 2023
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‘Scandalous’ Difference in Diesel and Petrol Prices

The RAC has branded the difference in price between diesel and petrol “scandalous” amid alarming costs at the pumps.

On average, diesel is 17p more than petrol, despite wholesale costs being approximately the same at £1.15.

The driving organisation parked the blame squarely at the feet of retailers, who were failing to pass on the cost cuts to customers.

“They [supermarkets] remain totally resolute in their refusal to cut their prices substantially which is nothing short of scandalous, particularly in a cost-of-living crisis,” said RAC spokesperson Simon Williams.

“For retailers to be taking a margin of nearly 20p a litre on average throughout March, compared to the long-term average of 7p, is devastating for every driver and business that relies on diesel.”

The British Retail Consortium has argued that prices at the pump lag behind wholesale prices, and so the price drops are still filtering through.

Amidst a cost of living crisis and rising inflation, price drops at the pumps would provide a much needed boost to driver finances.

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