10 Jun 2019

Super Traffic Cameras Can Catch Multiple Driving Offences

A man in eastern China received a fine, then had it rescinded, after being caught with his hand up by his face by a high-tech traffic camera.

The driver received a notification for driving while holding a phone, when in fact he was touching his face. The fine – equivalent to £5.70, along with two points on his licence – was later dropped but the meticulous nature of the camera, and the detail it can capture, is indicative of what has arrived on UK roads following the introduction of similar technology.

These new ‘super’ speed cameras can catch you using your mobile phone, eating, drinking and smoking behind the wheel. Although these are not illegal, they become an offence if they are deemed to be distracting to you, the driver, with a fine under the title of careless or distracted driving.

Able to work 24 hours a day, as data is saved to a computer, these cameras can also tell if you switch lanes, making them some of the most intelligent traffic cameras on the roads.

Currently deployed in Plymouth and Devon, their success in capturing culprits could lead to them being rolled out across the UK.

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