21 Jul 2019

Television Presenter and Vlogger Dies in E-Scooter Accident

A television presenter, and popular YouTube personality, has died following a traffic collision in South London.

Emily Hartridge, who regularly had over 3m viewers a month on her social media and video channels, has become the first person in the UK to die due to riding an e-scooter after she was struck by a lorry on a roundabout near Battersea.

The announcement of her tragic death was made through her Instagram account, in order to inform as many fans as possible. Tributes from fans and colleagues flooded in soon after.

The government has pledged to review the law around riding e-scooters on roads, following both the accident and an increase in sales of the vehicles. As it stands, it is actually illegal to ride an e-scooter, Go-Ped, powered unicycle, or Segway on public roads in the UK, as they are technically not roadworthy vehicles.

Speaking about the incident, the transport minister, Michael Ellis, said: “Micromobility products are appearing in countries across the globe and are an exciting innovation for which we know there is demand,” he said. “However, safety must always be our top priority when considering their use on public highways in this country.

“People who use e-scooters need to be aware it is currently illegal to ride them on the pavement and the road.”

While the law is to be reviewed, Mr Ellis warned manufacturers and suppliers that change is not guaranteed. He also urged retailers to provide better advice on the law to anyone buying an e-scooter or similar product.

The Queen's Circus roundabout, where Emily Hartridge's accident occurred, was the subject of a redesign back in 2015. Intended to keep cyclists separated from other vehicles, the new layout was criticised for being too confusing. In 2018, a cyclist was fatally injured after a collision with a bin lorry.

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