28 May 2019

The Information you Need Following a Road Traffic Accident

The moments after a road traffic accident are often distressing, confusing and disconcerting for those involved. But when it comes to sorting out your claim after the event, these are the crucial moments than can make for a much smoother journey to compensation. Below are four key things you should do in the moments after an accident:

1 Note the basic information

It is very important that you take a note of the other driver’s full name, address, phone number, the full vehicle registration number and the other driver's insurance details if they know them. Gaining the basic details of the other driver will allow the initial documents to be completed without the need to chase the other driver up.

2 Were there any witnesses?

Especially in respect of road traffic accidents where liability isn't clear or admitted, it is vital to source any witnesses who might be able to provide statements and verify what happeneded. Get their contact information too, so, later down the line, they can provide input which may prove crucial to your claim.  

3 Photographic evidence

If you have a camera phone, it is a useful idea to take pictures of the accident, including of both vehicles, their registration plates, the damage caused and the accident scene in general. The latter points provide evidence for future aspects of the claim, supporting your statements.

4 What if the other driver disappears before there’s a chance to take details?

In the event that the other person involved in the accident takes off with no intention of swapping details, then you should notify the police immediately. A driver has a duty to stop and provide details when the accident causes damage and/or injury, with some severe penalties for failing to do so.

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