29 Jan 2019

Top Tips for Parking Safely

With over 38 million vehicles on our roads, it is perhaps no surprise that public car parks get busier and busier.

Such is the level of congestion in our towns and cities that local councils are considering introducing car parking charges in workplaces to deter drivers from using their cars for the commute, improving air quality and reducing congestion.

But still the number of vehicles using towns and city centres is high, with the battle for a parking space top of many driver’s list of gripes when on the road. With parking spots at a premium, desperation for a space can lead to bumps and the need for repair. To help avoid this unwanted scenario, here are some tips for safer parking.


1. Reverse into a space when entering

When asked whether you reverse into a space or drive straight in, how would you answer? Well the safer option is to reverse in. That way, upon departure, you are leaving the space in a safer fashion (facing forwards) as you can see traffic clearer than moving out backwards.

2. Make sure there is enough space on either side before leaving the vehicle

A modern issue which is affecting car parks is the existence of increasingly large, and wide, vehicles. These are often harder to park, resulting in inching closer to the lines which mark a space. When you park alongside these vehicles, it leaves you very little space to open your doors to get out, a scenario which can lead to prangs and dents. Sometimes if the space doesn’t look wide enough, it may be worth driving round for a few minutes longer to find a more appropriate spot.

3. Use your mirrors again and again

As car parks get bigger and busier, the amount of footfall also increases. This leads to more distractions and a need to be totally focused on the task of parking. Pedestrians walking to and from their vehicles, children running off from parents and carers, or doors being swung open by people unaware of a reversing car, there are plenty of potential incidents. Ensure, when reversing, to use your mirrors repeatedly to remain aware of your surroundings and check blind spots on multiple occasions to avoid any collisions.

4. Take your time in car parks

Perhaps the most obvious, yet still hugely important, piece of advice is to take it slowly in car parks. Often congested, with tight turns, they can be a difficult place to negotiate during busy periods. Don’t be rushed by those around you, take your time and get your manoeuvre right the first time.

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