30 Jul 2020

Traffic Levels on the Rise

Traffic levels of all varieties are gradually moving back to 100% as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease and the Government encourage workers to end working from home.

Latest figures released by the Department for Transport show traffic levels at 83% - on Monday, July 27th - in comparison to the percentage of the equivalent day in the first week of February.

That follows a weekend which saw 92% on Saturday and 100% on Sunday, the first day since lockdown that this milestone percentage has been recorded.

Taking only cars into consideration, their levels were at 90% and 97% over the weekend, suggesting the nation is once again taking to the roads on mass as life returns to something like the pre-lockdown normal.

Cycling’s popularity has soared in England during lockdown, with Saturday, May 9th seeing levels rise to 387% in comparison to an equivalent day in the first week of March.

Public transport usage is also starting to creep up once more, although nowhere near the levels of cars, with buses outside of London rising from 10% usage at the start of April to 31% on Monday (this is a percentage of the equivalent day of the third week of January).

The Tube, in London, is still seeing just a quarter of its usage in comparison to the equivalent day in 2019, with 24% recorded on Monday.

These public transport rises come after the Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared public transport safe to use once more, with the wearing of facemasks mandatory.

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