29 Jul 2022

Traffic Warning Ahead of Weekend

The AA has issued an amber traffic warning ahead of a busy weekend on UK roads.

In Birmingham, the Commonwealth Games is getting underway with a range of events set to be well attended by supporters. That, coupled with the start of the new football season and ASLEF train strikes, means high levels of road usage across Saturday and Sunday.

With people already going on holidays both abroad and as staycations, there is an increased probability of congestion on the road network.

Jack Cousens, Head of Roads Policy for the AA, said: “With holiday let switchover day starting on Friday mixed with train strikes and a huge weekend of sport, we are concerned that drivers will experience delays across the network with the South of England particularly vulnerable.

“Breakdowns can make jams worse and last weekend we saw a rise in breakdowns where vehicle checks had not been carried out before setting off.

“Spending 10 minutes checking tyres and fluid levels before setting off can make a big difference in helping people getting to their destination.”

What should I check before I set off?

Before setting off on a long journey, it is important to check a range of potential issues and mitigate the potential for breakdown. These include:

  • Tyre pressure
  • Windscreen wipers and screenwash – this is also a chance to glance over your windscreen and see if any chips or cracks have appeared
  • Oil level
  • Lights and their functionality

These simple checks can take the stress and worry out of a journey and lessen the probability of a breakdown on a long journey.

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