26 Apr 2022

Updates to Highway Code Focus on Self-Driving Cars

The latest updates to the Highway Code will allow owners of self-driving cars to watch television on in-built screens in their cars.

There will be an added caveat – drivers must be ready to take back control when prompted – but the move is expected to become law in the summer.

Currently, no self-driving cars are allowed on UK roads, but these changes are looking ahead to an imminent future whereby driverless cars become more prevalent.

A full framework of legislation is scheduled to be in place by 2025, with the first use of self-driving tech more than likely introduced in scenarios involving low speed on motorways.

This framework will put in black and white that users of self-driving cars won’t be responsible for crashes, with insurance companies liable for claims in most circumstances instead.

Transport minister Trudy Harrison described the updating of the Highway Code as a “major milestone in our safe introduction of self-driving vehicles” that will “revolutionise the way we travel, making our future journeys greener, safer, and more reliable.”

Mobile phone usage will remain illegal under the new changes.

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