20 Nov 2018

What Should You do if Your Car Begins to Skid?

The changing weather brings with it a multitude of potential pitfalls on the road; plunging temperatures can produce icy conditions, with the chance of snow and slippery surfaces increasing the likelihood of a car skidding through no fault of the driver.

If you find your car is starting to skid (with the back tyres losing grip), there are some tips to get back under control, correct the car while moving, and avoid an accident:

  • Turn the steering wheel into the skid; if the car is skidding left then turn left.
  • Take the car out of gear and keep both feet off the pedals. This will help to slow things down.
  • Once you feel traction return, correct the direction of the car.

To limit the chances of an accident caused by skidding, drivers should check their tyre condition before they set off on a journey. Also, be mindful of the road surface. The chances are that it will have been affected by exposure to inclement weather in other areas, so always keep a safe distance from the cars in front.

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