19 May 2022

Women Nearly Twice as Likely as Men to be Trapped After a Crash

Women are nearly twice as likely as men to suffer from being trapped in a vehicle after a road traffic accident.

A recent study – based on the data from 70,027 patients admitted to hospital between 2012 and 2019 – found that men were more likely to be involved in serious crashes, but more women (compared to men) were likely to become trapped in the aftermath.

Women suffered more hip and spinal injuries, with men suffering more head, face, chest, and limb injuries.

Published by the BMJ Open, the study highlighted the lack of consideration for differences in the male and female forms when conducting safety tests.

Dr Lauren Weekes, consultant anaesthetist at University Hospitals Plymouth and part of the study, said:

“Crash tests are standardised, and therefore the data from those should be able to protect men and women equally.

“But if manufacturers are not using biologically accurate dummies, how do they know that this is the case?”

The research may provide vehicle manufacturers with valuable information as they seek to improve car designs and safety features to help mitigate futures injuries sustained by drivers.

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