29 Nov 2022
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Can I Make Will Without a Solicitor?

When considering creating a Will, you can either instruct a solicitor to conduct the whole process for you or produce one yourself.

The latter option may seem like an attractive, cost-effective solution but it is important to be diligent in your approach to make sure your Will is legally binding and not open to being challenged after your passing.

Whichever option you decide upon, making a Will and having a valid Will in place is an essential part of any future planning, as it provides clarity and reassurance that your estate is being handled in the way you want it to, and going to the people you choose.

Can you make your own Will without using a solicitor?

Yes, you can make your own Will without the assistance of a solicitor. It involves comprehending some technical legal jargon as well as understanding the process of creating a Will, but it is possible to do it.

However, you must approach it diligently as any errors in the formal process could have a hugely negative impact on the validity of the completed document.

When is it best to use a solicitor to make a Will?

Using a solicitor makes the process easier to navigate for anyone, as does knowing you have an expert in the process guiding matters, but it is perhaps most beneficial to use one when your estate is more complex, with different elements and potential tax implications.

If you are factoring in properties, savings, and other financial elements of your estate, then the need to understand complex financial and legal elements becomes more obvious, something that may be beyond many who don’t have experience in either of those sectors.

What are the benefits of using a solicitor to make a Will?

With so many possible different factors to consider and a focus on the best way to maximise the potential value of your estate for loved ones, by employing a solicitor to handle matters you are leaving the process in expert hands.

There is no substitute for experience and knowledge on matters relating to making a Will, and it means you can feel confident that all angles have been covered and all elements of the process followed diligently from start to finish.

Minimise the potential for future angst, confusion, division and even challenges to the Will you create by using a solicitor to support you.

How can Winns help?

Winns has a dedicated, diligent, and experienced team of specialists waiting to help you with your unique circumstances. Free for a no-obligation chat about your situation, our team has decades of experience in a range of different scenarios and will be able to provide the best possible advice to support you through the process should you instruct us to act.

With a compassionate approach, our team will deliver on your wishes and create the long-lasting peace of mind you require when planning for the future.

For more information about our Wills, Probate and Trust service, click here to be taken to our frequently asked questions page.

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