20 Feb 2024
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Do You Need a Solicitor for Power of Attorney?

When considering if you need a solicitor for Power of Attorney, the short answer is no but there’s far more to consider than a simple one-word response.

A complex legal process, Power of Attorney is an important part of future planning to help ensure your wishes are acted upon should you reach a point where you’re no longer able to communicate or make your own decisions.

By having an ‘attorney’ appointed, they can make important decisions on your behalf should you lack mental capacity to do so.

Who should I choose as attorney?

This is an important point to consider. It can be a family member or friend, or even a solicitor should you wish. But base your decision on who you’d like to have that legal power on your behalf.

Making decisions that have a big impact on your life is an influential role so you should trust the person appointed as your attorney.

Do you need a solicitor for Power of Attorney?

Although it isn’t essential to have a solicitor involved in the process, it can mitigate potential issues arising further down the line.

If your affairs are complex in nature or if you are uncertain on the methods involved in the process, you are more likely to make a mistake, a mistake that can hugely complicate matters later on and at a time when you may not be able to make decisions yourself.

Would you want to leave anything to chance that could have a significant effect on something so important in the future?

Reassurance with legal input

Having the reassurance of a legal professional that has experience in setting up a Power of Attorney can put your mind at ease and help you feel confident that plans are in place for this potential eventuality.

When asking ‘do you need a solicitor for Power of Attorney?’ weigh up the pros and cons and make the decision based on your unique circumstances.

Many find the guidance of a legal professional comforting; we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

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