20 Nov 2023
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Home for Life: What Can You do with Your Pets After you Die

When 57% of households in the United Kingdom own a pet, considering how to care for them after you die is a thought that many will have considered.

Pet owners have a deep affection for their pets, hardly a surprising fact when they are treated as part of the family.

They bring energy, joy, and happiness to a household, with that 57% figure the third highest percentage share over the previous 12 years, demonstrating the increasing trend of pets becoming a mainstay in homes across the UK.

Future planning should take this into account, with a focus on where the pet will live if you die.

Other than living with a relative or those who you are fond of, if that’s not feasible or possible there is the option to leave your pet with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

What is the Home for Life scheme?

The RSPCA runs the Home for Life scheme which provides a safe and loving home for animals that need it after a death in their household. The charity will take the pet in and rehome them, as per your wishes, with a loving family who are looking to house a pet.

How does it work?

By updating your Will to include instructions regarding the rehoming of your pet – the charity has a suggested clause they’d suggest you include in a Will – this means your Executor will be fully aware of your requirements.

How do you apply?

By clicking here you will be taken to the RSPCA document that specialises in the Home for Life scheme. It includes the application form to fill in and details of the process.

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