16 Aug 2022

How to Make the Right Choice for Lasting Power of Attorney

When considering Lasting Power of Attorney and the ramifications of choosing someone to act on your behalf, there are many things to factor into your decision.

It is a big choice, with considerable legal power gifted to a chosen person in certain circumstances. Making this choice lightly is not recommended. But what can you do to make sure you choose the right person, a person you can trust, to handle your affairs?

Addressing concerns

You may have many questions about the process, the powers given to the recipient, and the conditions that would empower them. 

When you assign a Power of Attorney, it legally entitles them to make decisions on your behalf in a financial and healthcare capacity should you find yourself in a situation whereby you are incapable of taking those decisions yourself.

It is very important to understand the process and implications, so discuss with the person you have in mind what you would like them to do and seek a discussion with a legal professional so you are both clear in what happens in the short, medium, and long-term.

Don’t make a decision off-hand, thinking it is a problem for the future. By making the right choice today, it makes for a much more certain tomorrow.

Choosing the right person

This is an important life decision to make and shouldn’t be rushed. Most of the time, people have an ideal person in mind for them, who they have known for a long time and who they trust to make these decisions in-line with their own wishes. 

You can choose more than one person to fulfil the role, especially if you know one person who would be ideal to make the financial decisions and one who may be better placed, based on life experiences and jobs, to carry out the healthcare matters.

Discussing your wishes

Talking about this and discussing it with family and friends will be hugely beneficial in the decision-making process. They may pose questions you haven’t thought of, and the feedback you get can go a long way to shaping your thought process moving forward. 

Have a list of potential matters you’d like to discuss in the financial and healthcare areas, so you can ensure specific wishes are put in focus.

Why talk to Winns about Lasting Power of Attorney?

Talking with a legal professional, who specialises in the field of Lasting Power of Attorney, can provide knowledgeable input into a process that may be foreign to you.

The Wills, Probate and Trust department at Winn Solicitors focuses on these matters, with experience and a wide knowledge base that you can rely on to help make the right decisions.

We offer a no-obligation chat with our team to see if we can support you in your unique circumstances. Don’t put this off today.

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