13 Feb 2024
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Probate Process Speeding Up

Well-documented delays at the Probate Service appear to be shortening, despite the last 12 months seeing the largest amount of Probate applications received since 2006.

A combination of streamlined processes and the addition of 100 more staff has resulted in quicker resolutions and the average length of time for a grant of probate, following receipt of all documents, now standing at 12 weeks.

This is a drop on previous averages, with November’s official statistics from HM Courts and Tribunals Service showing a 15.8-week average waiting time from submission to issue of grant and 13.9 weeks from document upload to grant, suggesting an improved service.

Justice Minister Mike Freer said: “A new management team is in place and we are now seeing a distinct improvement in recruitment, competency, productivity and call handling, and for the past few months disposals have outstripped receipts.”

Historically, delays in the Probate service have caused significant headaches as part of the process of handling the estate of a deceased person.

These delays lead to mounting frustration as executors wait on the legally essential documents that allow them to distribute an estate as per the deceased’s wishes.

A Solicitor in our Wills, Probate and Trusts Team, Josef Lythe, said: “The Probate Service delays can be very frustrating and hold up the administration of most estates.

“We are very hopeful that these improvements will be made and the wait time for a Grant significantly reduced.”

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