12 May 2023
  • Estate planning

Two Fifths of Adults Have No Estate Planning

A new report has found 42% of UK adults haven’t spoken about estate planning and what should happen after they die.

The National Wills Report highlighted an alarming lack of instructions from parents to children in relation to this, with 49% of respondents saying their parents didn’t leave wishes, with just 44% of adults in the UK having made a will.

The main reasons for not having these important discussions centre on the topic being too morbid or there being a lack of concern for what happens after death.

Of those who have not made a will, approximately 40% blamed not getting round to doing it, while others said they didn’t have enough to warrant making a will.

Rebecca Harbron Gray, Winn Solicitors’ Head of Wills, Probate and Trust, said: “They say ‘its good to talk’ and I really must encourage people to open up about matters associated with their estates, death and dying.

"I see so many relatives not knowing if they have done the right thing and if people were more honest about their wishes and estate planning then a lot of these doubts could be removed.

"There are no excuses and having the conversation doesn’t hasten death, but it does give direction to those who need it.”

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