28 Mar 2019

Lanyards and the Potential Dangers in a Road Traffic Accident

Wearing a lanyard has become a regular occurrence in the lives of millions of workers across Great Britain.

Used primarily for security purposes within companies, they hang around the neck for the majority of the day, to the extent that the person wearing it may forget it is even there.

But when leaving the office to set off on a journey involving a vehicle, every driver should take off their lanyard before driving away following a stark warning from authorities.

Dorset Police Volunteers recently highlighted the potential hazards of the lanyard when worn during a road traffic accident; they made injuries much more severe.

One example discussed a driver involved in a minor car accident. The airbag deployed upon impact and the force of the airbag pushed the lanyard into the driver’s chest, causing a lung to collapse.

Another incident saw an NHS worker, who had a number of keys on her lanyard, perforate her bowel following an accident which triggered the deployment of the airbag. She was in hospital for six weeks and has been off work for six months.

Despite it being an easy-to-forget object, it is important to remove a lanyard before starting a journey to avoid making a difficult situation much worse.

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