10 Aug 2018

Common Construction Site Accidents, and How to Avoid Them

With an abundance of people, materials, tools, and unsecured structures, it's no understatement to say that construction sites are dangerous places. Even with all of the necessary safety equipment, and with health and safety policies being followed to the letter, an accident could still be just around the corner.

Some of the most commonly occurring construction site accidents include falls, slips and trips, electric shocks, burns, loss of hearing or vision, lifting injuries, and workers being hit by falling tools and other items. Each of these mishaps can lead to debilitating, and even life-altering, injuries, depending on the severity of the injury, and none of them should be taken lightly.

Almost all of these injuries could be prevented by employers ensuring that the correct safety regulations are in place. If an employer has not provided safety equipment or training that could have prevented an accident and injury, then they are liable to pay you compensation. While you are onsite, your employers have a duty of care to you, and must do everything in their power to guarantee your safety.

Who pays if you are a contractor?

The question of who pays if you are a contractor is a valid one. If you are a contractor, you may feel more responsible for your own safety than if you were a traditional employee. In reality though, working on a company's site as a contractor places you within their care. If an accident occurs as the result of negligence, such as a lack of training or procedures not being followed correctly, then the company that you are working for is often still liable. If you are unsure whether or not you can make a successful compensation claim for an accident at work due to your work status, we will be happy to advise you on how best to proceed.

Can I be sacked after an injury at work?

For anyone suffering as the result of a workplace accident, no question is likely to play on the mind more than 'can I be sacked after an injury at work'. The answer, however, is a simple 'no'. It is entirely illegal for an employer to dismiss you for making a claim following an accident at work. If you have been injured, and wish to pursue compensation, then you are within your rights to do so without fear of losing your job or being discriminated against in future.

Is there an injury at work claim time limit?

The injury at work claim time limit is set at three years after your accident. This time frame is entirely rigid, and any attempt to make a claim after the acceptable three year period has passed will be rejected immediately.

If you have suffered after an accident on a construction site, then you can read more about making a claim on our website, here.

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