24 Mar 2023
  • Injury caused by a non-fault accident

How Does Personal Injury Liability Work with Winns?

Winn Solicitors has decades of experience helping clients get the compensation they deserve as part of a personal injury claim.

Our specialist teams work together for your benefit, guiding you through the claims process and getting you the help you need to restore normality in your life. If the accident wasn’t your fault, we can help.

The process of personal injury liability will be an unknown concept to millions across the country. 

You’ve been injured after an accident that wasn’t your fault. What can you do?

Personal injury law enables those who have suffered injury because of a non-fault accident to claim compensation for their injuries, and other out-of-pocket expenses, so they can recover from the situation and return to a level of normality.

The amount of compensation available depends on the circumstances of the accident and the consequences of the careless or negligent actions of the person or company liable.

What happens if liability is admitted?

If the at-fault party admits liability then they agree to the belief that they were responsible for the injuries caused as a result of an accident. 

What if it’s not admitted?

Proving liability is vital in a claim for personal injury compensation. This can be done by demonstrating a third party has failed in their legally bound duty of care, or that their actions and/or negligence has resulted in the injuries sustained.

The vast majority of claims end in a settlement being reached without the need to go to court, however, there may be occasions when an agreement cannot be reached, and a judge will decide the outcome.

Why choose Winns?

We have dedicated experts in this sector of law ready to stand with you every step of the way on the claims journey. Supporting clients for over two decades, we’ve successfully recovered compensation for thousands of clients, utilising the skills and extensive experience of our teams, backed by huge technological investment, to drive claims forward.

Offering no win no fee terms, we won’t take a penny from you at the start of your claim. Working on a fixed percentage, there aren’t any surprises further down the line and you know the fee won’t change even if the claim becomes more complex and time-consuming than first thought. We’ll only earn that fee if the claim is successful, and it will be taken from the compensation awarded.



What is liability?

This is a legal term for a person or organisation being responsible for an accident that has taken place. It is commonly used in cases where one of the parties involved is at fault; they are liable for the accident occurring. If the party is liable in a personal injury claim, they are at fault because of their careless or negligent actions.

Why is it important?

Liability is the crux of a personal injury claim. If you are a claimant, you need to prove the other party was liable for the accident to be able to claim compensation from them and be successful in your case.

What types of liability are there?

Depending on your circumstances, strict liability may be applied, which means the other side, who you allege are at fault for the accident, must assume automatic responsibility like, for example, if a manufacturer produces a defective product that causes you harm.

Other types of liability that our team specialises in include a public liability claim – a non-fault accident causing injury in a public space – and employer’s liability, when an injury because of an accident is sustained in the workplace.

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