29 Nov 2021

Prevent Workplace Accidents in Winter

Working outdoors can bring plenty of challenges and dangers, especially when the seasons change.

In summer, heatstroke and sun exposure will top the list but come winter, conditions change significantly with a focus on slippery surfaces and plunging temperatures.

But how can companies help to protect their employees if they work outside during the winter months?

Monitor the weather

By keeping an eye on the weather forecasts ahead of a new day, it is possible for companies to prevent employees working in particularly hazardous conditions. By cancelling non-essential jobs in treacherous conditions, the chances of an accident are reduced whereas they would obviously increase in snowstorms, blizzards and temperatures well below freezing.

Encourage employees to wrap up warm

Staff who are experienced at working in wintry weather will know how to wrap up warm effectively, so their body temperature remains as stable as possible. Thick gloves, hat and scarf or snood are all good to use, but also consider encouraging thermal clothing or extra layers under usual layers to keep as much heat in as possible. This helps to keep core body temperature at the correct level which is crucial.

Making sure outdoor workers have waterproof gloves is also handy, so hands don’t become soaked while using tools and equipment or lifting objects which will be wet in the snow or ice.

Mitigate the possibility of slips, trips and falls

With temperatures regularly falling below zero in winter, and certainly for long periods overnight, the chances of an icy start underfoot are high. This can lead to slips trips and falls with the surface conditions tricky to navigate.

By ensuring working areas are sufficiently gritted and promoting the use of strong grip shoes and boots, you are identifying a workplace issue and providing mitigating actions to reduce the risk of injury.

Take regular breaks

Severely cold conditions can have a debilitating effect on workers’ concentration, ability to focus and physical abilities during a shift. It is essential to factor in regular breaks to confront this issue and ensure there is time to warm-up.

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