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Making a Car Insurance Claim in Durham?

Are you considering making a car insurance claim in Durham following a non-fault accident?

Wait. Before contacting your insurer, call Winns to see how our expert team can help.

This page is a guide to making a car accident claim in Durham, detailing the process, how it is done and how straightforward it can be if you choose Winns to handle your claim.

What are non-fault and at-fault car insurance claims?

You can make a non-fault car insurance claim in Durham if the accident wasn’t caused by negligence on your part and was in fact the fault of the third party involved.

Alternatively, if you were at fault for the accident, then an at-fault car accident insurance claim will be made as you will still need your provider to cover costs associated with the accident, including repair of your own vehicle as well as the other side’s costs.

How long does it take to process a car accident claim with Winns?

The duration of the process can vary depending on a number of factors; the nature of the accident, the acceptance, or otherwise, of liability, and the severity, and complexity, of any injuries sustained.

These factors will dictate how long proceedings take but our team will do everything in their power to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Why should you call Winns before your insurer if you’re considering making a car insurance claim in Durham?

By calling Winns before your insurer, our team can help in a number of ways:

  • Choose Winns and there will be no upfront costs to pay
  • Avoid putting your no claims bonus at risk by calling Winns first
  • Our multi-discipline team can help in all aspects of your claim
  • Our team can get you back on the road within four working hours of instruction.

How quickly should you report a car accident to Winns or your insurance company?

It is important to inform the relevant organisations of an accident quickly – usually within 24 hours if you’re informing an insurer. If you contact Winns first, we can notify your insurer on your behalf and start the claims process immediately, ensuring your car is collected promptly for repairs, and that you have a like-for-like replacement vehicle to drive whilst the repairs are carried out.

If you want Winns to act on your behalf then you can start a claim for compensation within three years of the accident taking place. However, it is advisable to inform Winns as close to the accident date as is practical so relevant evidence and information can be gathered to boost the chances of your claim being successful.

How can I make a claim with Winns?

Starting a claim is easy and straightforward. By contacting our team of expert advisors – through our 24-hour claim line, via Live Chat or by requesting a call back on our website (last two options are available 7am-7pm every day) – they can begin the process immediately by gathering as much relevant information and evidence as possible, while progressing all aspects of your claim.

What information should I have ready to make a claim?

It is, understandably, a difficult time in the immediate aftermath of an accident. However, by gathering as much evidence as possible, as quickly as possible, the road to recovery and normality is sped up significantly.

Useful information to have ready on your first call to Winns includes:

  • An account of your version of events
  • A crime reference number
  • The name and insurance details of the third party involved
  • Pictures ready to send which show the amount, and type, of damage caused to the vehicles involved
  • An account from any independent witnesses, or their contact details so our team can follow up
  • A description of the road layout, traffic levels and road and weather conditions at the time of the incident

Do you need to make a claim on your car insurance if you have been in an accident?

You need to inform your insurer that an accident has taken place, but you don’t need to make your claim through them. Instead, opt to contact Winns, we’re national accident specialists who can progress and co-ordinate all aspects of your claim, from car recovery, repair and replacement to medical treatment and the generation of medical reports from independent medical professionals – we can even notify your insurer about the accident on your behalf, so you don’t have to make multiple phone calls.

What should I do if I have been in a car accident?

If you have been in a car accident, there are a number of things you should do, some of which can be found on this Citizens Advice page, which are listed below:

  • If you are not at fault for the accident, do not admit liability at the scene
  • Take the contact and insurance details of other parties involved
  • Make a note of the contact details of any independent witnesses
  • Take photographs of the scene, damage caused to the vehicles involved and the road layout and conditions
  • Inform your insurer an accident has taken place; you need only inform them and don’t need to conduct your claim through them. We can notify them on your behalf as part of the initial claims process.


Recently, my car got bumped. [I] contacted Kerrie Scullion from Winn Solicitors who [did] everything for me regarding getting the car booked in to get fixed to the [hire] car for me. [I] would definitely recommend this company, very helpful.


I have received a very professional service and the speed with which they have organised everything for me is amazing. My car was hit from behind and they have organised a garage to collect it and a [hire] car all within a few days. Always polite and courteous. Thank you.

Miss J Partridge

This is the second time that I have contacted Winns after a non-fault traffic accident and, as always, they are extremely professional and so very helpful. I was pretty shook up after the collision and Ethan McMahon was so patient and calming, helping me relay the details coherently and settle myself down. I missed Ethan's follow-up call back, so when I rang back I spoke to his colleague Lewis Appleby who was also extremely helpful and able to direct me with the next steps I need to take. Thanks.


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Why make a car accident claim with Winns before your insurer?

In the aftermath of a non-fault accident, things can feel uncertain and daunting as your daily routines are disrupted. Find reassurance and the helping hand you need by contacting Winns. When you do, our team will:

  • Arrange for recovery and repair of your vehicle
  • Deliver a like-for-like replacement credit hire vehicle while yours is off the road (something your insurer may not be able to do)
  • Help you avoid any upfront fees
  • Do all the legal legwork so you avoid liaising with multiple agencies and juggling the many tasks involved in making a claim
  • Provide you with a quick and efficient service
  • Progress all aspects of your claim from start to finish


Winn Solicitors have been an amazing help, right from the start. Always on the end of a phone call for any questions that need answering; definitely recommend. Great service from Lewis Appleby and the team.

Zakia Bint Aslam

Brilliant level of support and empathy to date from Simon and Kirsty, who have been dealing with my case. Great work guys.

Keith Freeman

Very helpful, clearly spoken and happy to explain anything you're unsure of. I’m very nervous speaking on the phone and I was made to feel at ease. Would highly recommend.


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