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Making a Car Insurance Claim in Newcastle?

Are you looking to make a car insurance claim in Newcastle and currently considering calling your insurer? Wait. Call Winns first and see how we can help.

The process is straightforward and the qualifying criteria simple to understand so making a claim for compensation is much easier to do than you may think.

We’ve created this page as a way of finding out how the process works, how long it takes, why you should call Winns before your insurer, and much more.

What are non-fault and at-fault car insurance claims?

When you make a non-fault car accident insurance claim, this happens following an accident that wasn’t your fault and wasn’t as a result of any negligence on your part. The reason for it is because a third party has been negligent in their driving.

On the flip-side of this, drivers can make an at-fault car insurance claim, which is used when the driver claiming admits liability for the accident; they were the cause of it but still need to cover the costs associated with repair of their vehicle and the other side’s compensation.

How long does it take to process a car accident claim with Winns?

The process of starting a car accident claim is simple and involves one initial call. Upon assessment of your circumstances, your file handler will immediately get the ball rolling.

In terms of the claim’s duration, this is reliant on a number of factors including the complexity of the accident, the injuries sustained, and liability being accepted by the third party.

Why should you call Winns before your insurer when making a car insurance claim in Newcastle?

There are many reasons to call our team before your insurer:

  • No upfront costs to pay
  • We will provide you with a like-for-like replacement credit hire vehicle
  • This will be provided within four working hours of instruction
  • Our team will coordinate all aspects of your claim (personal injury compensation, medical treatment and repair of your vehicle), relying on expert advisors to guide you through the process
  • We provide 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access to your claim
  • If needed, Winns can swiftly and efficiently arrange for medical treatment and medical reports to be generated from independent medical professionals.

How long do you have to report a car accident?

If your intention is to go through your insurance company when dealing with the consequences of an accident, it is advisable to contact them within 24 hours of the incident. This can vary between insurance provider, with some saying up to a few days.

However, by contacting Winns first before your insurer, when making a car insurance claim in Newcastle, you get all of the benefits mentioned above without needing to deal directly with your insurer, which can be both time-consuming and frustrating. We can also notify your insurer about the accident on your behalf, so there’s no need to make multiple phone calls.

How to make a claim with Winns before contacting your insurer?

Making a claim with Winns is simple and straightforward. It takes just one call, with an expert advisor, experienced in the process, on hand to begin the process.

The advisor will guide you through it, ask you questions relevant to the circumstances of the accident and help to establish what you need to recover and/or adapt to your new day-to-day life while dealing with the fall-out of an accident.

The next step is to provide whatever relevant evidence you can to allow the claim to progress swiftly. Winns’ staff will tell you exactly what they need and do all the legal legwork so you can focus on recovery and getting back on track.

Our team will enter negotiations with the third-party insurer in an effort to settle matters before the need for a court case. Should the latter be required, and liability contested, Winns will provide legal assistance to put your best arguments forward.

What information do you need to make a claim?

The more information your file handler has regarding the accident, the quicker the process will be. On the initial phone call, it would be useful to have to hand:

  • An account of what happened from your perspective
  • The name and insurance details of the third party
  • An account from any independent witnesses, or their contact details so they can be called upon after the event
  • Any photos of the accident, in terms of location and damage to vehicles involved
  • Details of the accident in relation to the road layout, traffic levels, and road and weather conditions which may have had an impact.

By co-operating with requests for information throughout the process, this provides the best possible chance for a successful and swift outcome.

Do you need to make a claim on your car insurance if you have been in an accident?

The short answer is no. If you have been in an accident you can contact Winns before your insurer. As a national accident specialist, we can effectively manage the fall-out of a non-fault accident, including notifying your insurer about the accident.

You can progress your claim through our service, as opposed to making a claim on your insurance, which may affect your no claims bonus and leave you open to an upfront charge should you need to pay an excess. With Winns, there are no upfront costs to pay.

What should you do if you have been in a car accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, the police should be notified. They, in turn, will provide you with a crime reference number.

Provide this to the company dealing with your claim – either Winns or your insurer – and that will help to speed up the process.

If you wish to find out more about making a claim if you’ve been in an accident, you can find it on the relevant Citizens Advice page.


The woman I spoke to called Joanne was really friendly, explained everything really clearly and made me feel a lot more calm about the situation. She has also been really responsive to my emails, which makes me feel updated and kept in the loop.

Miss M Hannan

Hi, I was involved in an RTA where a large goods carrier van reversed into me; I was driving a Ford estate car. Winn Solicitors has been really helpful, guiding me through the process of reporting the incident and arranging all aspects from collection and assessment of my car [to] acquisition of [a] temporary hire car. Exceptional and professional. I’m very impressed and would highly recommend.

Audrey Murphy

I, unfortunately, got knocked off my motorbike. Winns have made everything very easy and straightforward for me, which has helped with a lot of unneeded stress because of the accident. Thanks again!

Mr L Hodgson

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Why choose Winns before your insurer?

Why settle for a car that’s not like yours as a replacement following an accident? Why, potentially, wait a long time for that to arrive? Why go with anyone other than experts in the field of accident management, with years of experience and the resources to progress all aspects of your claim?

By choosing Winns, you are picking a dedicated, experienced and effective company that can arrange all parts of your claim and manage the process from start to finish so you don’t need to worry about legal timetables and the need to liaise with multiple agencies. We do all the legwork for you.

You can find out more about what to do after a road traffic accident by clicking here and here.


Ethan is amazing!! Rang him up, he made me feel so comfy and reassured as I was very shaken and worried after literally just being crashed into. He had a hire car and my car recovery [sorted] in less than 24 hours; honestly the best person ever!!! 100/100 never mind 10/10; AMAZING service.

Kaylee Spencer

Having recently been involved in a rear-end accident, myself stationary/parked-up/belted-up still and handbrake on! I sought the help of Winns, who has been so very, very helpful, compassionate and professional. I got news from Lewis today that my pride and joy will be repaired and returned to me as soon as is physically possible. Thanks Lewis; one happy person today … Thank you all who I have spoken to [and] who have been involved. I would definitely use this service again, although I hope it's not necessary … highly recommended.

Alan Hebblethwaite

Absolutely top-class service from the moment contact was made. The service I have been given is first-rate in every way and has made things stress free for me. I would, and will, highly recommend this team to every[one] and anyone. Thanks guys, you have been a great help throughout.

Julian Rowe

Call Winns before your insurer for a helping hand when you need it most after an accident that wasn’t your fault.