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Making A Factory Accident Claim with Winns

A factory accident claim is the best way to get your life back on track following an injury at work.

At Winns, we handle the factory accident compensation process from start to finish, providing expert help and advice before leaving you with the settlement that you deserve.

How do I make a claim for factory accident compensation?

If you have been injured while working in a factory, then you may be entitled to make a factory accident claim. Here's what you should do immediately following an accident to give your claim the best chance of succeeding:

  • Report the incident to your manager. If they do not write down the details in an accident log, then you can make your own notes for later use.
  • Document the scene and the factors that lead to your injury. This can include taking photographs and speaking to witnesses.
  • Ask any witnesses present if they would make a statement. Third-party accounts of what happened can be vital evidence during the factory accident claim process.
  • Call Winns. We'll advise you on how to proceed with your claim, and organise any medical care that you need.

The owner of the site, your employer, has a duty of care towards you for the time that you are there and if you come to harm then they are liable. There's no need to worry about taking money away from your employer, however, as they are obliged to take out employers liability insurance, and it is from this insurance that factory accident compensation is paid out.

In order for your claim to be successful, however, you must make a claim within three years of the accident, or else your request for compensation will be deemed time-barred and will not continue. In cases where injuries present sometime after the event, then you will have three years from when the symptoms became known to make a claim.

You should also know that it is illegal for you to lose your job or be discriminated against for making a claim, and if you are then you are within your rights to take an employer to a tribunal.

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What are the most common factory accidents and injuries?

Factories can be dangerous places to work, even if the proper health and safety regulations are in place and being adhered to.

Here are just a few of the most common incidents that can take place in a factory:

  • Falls from heights
  • Forklift truck accidents
  • Accidents and injuries resulting from using dangerous machinery
  • Slips, trips and falls (common in any workplace, you can read more about making a claim for a slip, trip, or fall on our dedicated page, here)

If you have suffered an accident at work and wish to make a factory accident claim, get in touch with Winns today.


Winn Solicitors helps thousands of people each year to make personal injury claims, getting them the advice, care, and financial settlements they deserve following a difficult time in their lives. Because of that, we've been awarded 'Excellent' status from Trustpilot, the independent consumer review site.

Here are just a few of the most recent reviews left by our clients:

I rang Stephen in a very stressed out and upset state regarding the accident I was involved in. It took seconds for him to tell me I can fill out a claim form. Within 5 minutes of the phone call I felt reassured and that I was being listened to. Excellent customer service.


I've had great service from Winns. Nothing was too much trouble and my questions were answered thoroughly and promptly. Thank you.

Cara Davison

Having never had to make a claim before we were quite nervous about it all. Diane was so helpful and talked us through everything. It's great to be able to talk to talk to someone who can take your nerves away. Thank you once again.

Owen Eric John Cottrell

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Why make a factory accident claim with Winns?

Making a claim for compensation can be a huge step in getting your life back on track following a factory accident. When you make your claim with Winns, we promise to not only seek out the best financial settlement possible but also to provide as much support and information as you need.

Our expert claims handlers will always be happy to answer any questions that you may have during the claim process and will keep you up to date with the latest developments in your case. Not only that, but we will be able to arrange for you to receive any medical care that you may need, such as physiotherapy, following an accident. To find out more about making a claim following a serious accident, visit our dedicated page, here.

To find out more, contact the team at Winns today using Live Chat.

Very polite, understanding and informative, [Winns] gave instant feedback when I have had concerns or queries about a complex form and immediately helped with an error I made on my medical form. I feel at ease and able to ask for help if required which is great at a time like this after going through a troublesome incident.

Rachel Emerson

As soon as I made the claim the team has been more than reliable and easy to work with. Within 24 hours everything has been logged and sorted straight away. I've not got a final word on the claim as it's early stages of the process but I'm more than confident and satisfied with the progress made in this short period.

H. Evans

Factory accident claim - FAQs

How do I make a claim against my employer?

If you have had an accident at work, then Winns will help you to make a claim against your employer. The fact that an accident has occurred is a breach of your employer's duty of care, and a clear sign that better training or safety equipment is needed in the workplace.

Call Winns to start the claims process straight away. Our claims handlers will tell you everything you need to know.

Can I claim compensation for an accident at work?

If you have been injured following an accident at work, then you may be entitled to compensation. Settlements generally take into account the severity and lasting effects of an injury, as well as loss of work and associated expenses.

What do I do after an accident at work in a factory?

An accident at work that happens in a factory is still an accident at work. Tell your supervisor exactly what happened, making sure a log is made of the event, and then call Winns to start your claim.

Do I get paid if I’m injured at work?

If your contract covers illness and accidents at work then you will still be paid during your recuperation. If not, however, you will still be entitled to statutory sick pay. You can find out more by visiting the Citizen's Advice page here.

Our first time of having to use a service like this who are straight forward, understanding and very helpful, the TV advert is very true, they sort everything for you from Dr appointments to physiotherapy, they do care about the person in general, I highly recommend Winn Solicitors to anyone looking for that nice and easy way to sort out any claims you may have, thank you Stephen Barber, your help is greatly appreciated.

Jill Graham

Phoned Winns after an accident I had, can’t fault the process, the lad who dealt with me was great, explained everything and told me what would happen throughout the whole process. Nice easy smooth phone call. Would definitely recommend Winns after an accident.

Michael Herring

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