6 Nov 2023
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How Can I Pay for my Personal Injury Claim?

When considering the question ‘How can I pay for my personal injury claim?’ Winns has the answer with their no win no fee option.

The potential financial barriers to making a claim – initial costs, rising legal fees if things become more complex, additional costs along the way – are removed, leaving you secure in the knowledge that you only pay for our services if the claim is successful.

That’s on a fixed percentage basis and doesn’t change if the personal injury claim becomes more complex and time-consuming.

Things to consider when making a personal injury claim

Before you begin the process and instruct personal injury specialists to conduct your claim, you should consider if you are eligible for compensation. Was the accident the result of someone else’s negligence? Were your current injuries because of the accident?

Important questions among many others, but you should feel confident that you weren’t at fault for the accident that led to the injuries.

Equally, you should be prepared to commit fully to the claims process, including cooperating throughout with the team instructed to act on your behalf. This provides the best chance of a successful outcome.    

What is required?

By gathering as much evidence as possible, you enhance the chances of proving liability and getting the compensation you deserve after a non-fault accident. Although our team will work diligently to collate as much evidence as possible, the more you provide the quicker the process and more efficient we can be when pursuing the third party for liability and compensation.

The main requirements for making a claim, however, are that it happened within the previous three years – there are exceptions to this rule – and you weren’t at fault and that there is persuasive proof to demonstrate this.

The rest can be discussed with a trained professional, like the dedicated teams at Winns, who can analyse your circumstances and provide guidance on the next steps.

Who pays for the claim?

The nature of the claim and the circumstances of the accident doesn’t change who would pay for the claim. Generally speaking, drivers have insurance and companies have liability insurance, requirements as dictated by law.

If compensation is awarded to the claimant, the insurance provider for the at-fault party will pay the money.

Why choose Winns?

Winns are personal injury solicitors with over 20 years of experience in handling claims and ensuring successful outcomes for clients. We’re market-leading, as highlighted by our 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, a website dedicated to client reviews of goods and services based on their experience with them.

Proud of our technological advancements, we utilise these to streamline the process, allow 24/7 access to your claim, and deliver an efficient and effective client care offering based on a 24/7 working pattern.

Operating a no win no fee system, you don’t pay upfront costs, you don’t pay surprise fees, and you don’t need to worry about case duration and spiralling legal costs. If your claim isn’t successful, you don’t pay a penny.

We’re ready to help you every step of the way.

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